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What’s Wrong With Commercial Soaps?


Many commercial soaps aren’t Soap…they are Synthetic Detergents which have Phthalates and Parabens. These are known to have harmful effects from cancer to infertility.

Chemical-based colorants, dyes, fragrances, lathering agents, preservatives, and other “things” we can’t pronounce. These additives can wreak havoc on our skin and hair, and pollute our drinking water.

Glycerin is a naturally occurring byproduct of the saponification process (The process we use at Lather Nature to create soap!) Glycerine is a humectan, meaning it draws moisture from the air to your skin, leaving your skin soft and moisturized... BUT many commercial soap manufacturers remove the glycerin from then sell it separately, or use it in a second product—moisturizer...





Does your soap have tallowate, lard, goats milk, silk, or honey? Maybe stearic acid and glycerin?

Not only are these items harvested from animals, but they also have no real added benefits to you and some are even borderline toxic. While some of these ingredients may aid with cleaning, some of them have been shown to irritate the skin and cause other side effects.

With commercial soaps being so chemical heavy, up to roughly 1,400 animals suffer to make sure that it meets the needed safety requirements. At Lather Nature, using natural ingredients that do no require any sort of testing to be proven safe. These products are kind to both our furry friends and our own skin and bodies.



The packaging used by the major brands is often excessive, using non-biodegradable plastics, and boxes inside of boxes. In comparison, Lather Nature’s ethical products are sold completely loose (bars), in eco-friendly recycled/biodegradable containers, or reusable tins.

Our Shampoo and Conditioners reduce carbon footprints as 1 bar is equivalent to 2 plastic bottles, because of the added water to make it liquid. With more nourishing benefits, and less waste, Lather Nature makes a commitment to removing unneeded plastics and using minimal packaging.

We are committed to sustainable sourcing, avoiding palm oils, which is a threat to the biodiversity and natural ecosystems, it's an aggravator of climate change, and a cause human exploitation/poverty.

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