What Keeps Us Motivated

We’ve been actively advocating for social justice, against animal and human exploitation, and trying to bring awareness of the global crisis for nearly 2 decades!


What Do Environmentalists And Animal Rights Activists Have In Common?

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  1. Conscious of factory farming negatively impacting the planet, and taking actions towards that. The unnaturally high production rates of factory farms have devastating effects on the environment including deforestation for more production, methane emissions, creates water quality and quantity problems globally, destroying topsoil all contributing to climate change.

  2. Agree that ethics in taking care of our planet, and it’s species, is basic human rights.

⭐️ Making the connection ⭐️

Animal advocacy is often seen as less important, a more emotional and less rational response to the suffering of individual animals; and often environmentalism is viewed as actionable steps in dealing with human health and safety, and the survival of whole species, including our own.

👉🏾 BUT they go hand in hand. When there is needlessly high production in animal agriculture, directly affecting the environment, which inhumanly contributes to animal suffering... WE all pay the price.

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