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shilpa, owner

Hello, I'm Shilpa!  Initially, I learned to make soap in the late 80’s from my grandmother who could not tolerate store bought soaps. The idea of Lather Nature came much later, and stemmed from wanting to reduce unnecessary animal by-products / animal testing,  minimize use of plastics, and wanting to help my youngest who struggled with painful skin conditions. She would describe it as: Burning and intense itching that's almost constant and uncontrollable. Sometimes her skin feels like it's “throbbing”, “stinging” or like having “ants crawling” on it. It's hard to concentrate when her skin is raw with open wounds. While our products do not cure, they certainly help reduce irritation by ensuring there are only nourishing oils, skin safe, and no chemicals and harsh ingredients.

By trade I'm a health coach, helping to reduce pain and suffering has always been my calling. I also have a love for the arts.. with the two together, creating our bath, body, and hair care bars fulfilled me!.

I absolutely love finding orders come through; because I know that's one more household we can help to enjoy the benefits of our products, and at the same time enjoy our artistic love we've put into each and every bar!



I’d like you to meet Keyur, my husband!

shilpa and her husband keyur

 We were married in 2002. Shortly after our wedding, we found out his place of work was closing it's doors, and during this exact time I was trying to finish my degree. Frantic to get bills paid and take care of family we started to brainstorm business ideas.

Putting our expertise together, October of 2002 we started our first business together and ever since, we've always been co-workers! His favorite parts of the business are website creation, product development, marketing. Your orders are also packed and wrapped by us!

High five to this guy for all his sacrifices, and constantly working towards supporting our dreams as a team, together!


Family Fun Facts:

  • our kids

    We have 3 children - born in 2005, 2007, and 2010.

  • Lather Nature's original idea stemmed from the children! Our eldest was eager to start a business in her sophomore year of high school. She and her brother would brainstorm ideas, and really hoped to sell soy wax candles. Our youngest contributed her thoughts.. and together they thought of selling mom's carefully formulated products.

  • It's not easy having a family business. It becomes what we eat, sleep and breathe! So we now make sure we create a time and place for work.

  • We LOVE cooking, i can't emphasize this enough! Each one of us love spending our free time creating, cooking and plating new and creative vegan dishes!
  • We're all social introverts, loving our time with friends and family, then recharging on our hikes, or in our house with a good read or a great movie!

We hope you've enjoyed meeting us, and we hope you enjoy your shopping experience! We can't wait to get our products to you!



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