Lather Nature's Mission

Our Mission

Doing our part to make aware of and help the global crisis; stop unnecessary suffering from use of animals bi-products in our daily consumption, and contribute to policy change for inhumane practices.

Our mission broken down:
1. Our products are made with consideration to eliminate the use of large plastics bottles, deter from chemicals that poison our own bodies as well as our oceans, and reduce carbon footprint.

2. Commercial soap and some handmade soaps to contain ingredients, such as palm oil and mica, which needlessly contribute to human exploitation and trafficking.

  • The production of palm oil can result in land grabs, loss of livelihoods and social conflict, and human rights are often violated on plantations. The resulting conflicts have had a significant impact on the social welfare of many.
  • Mining the mineral mica involves dangerous digging of vertical shafts of one to two metres wide and around 15 metres deep, extracting and then sorting the mica. There is an overwhelming majority of children that are forced to do these jobs, kept away from families in very poor living conditions, which in combination of the risk involved in mining as well as living standards, this unfortunately results in a high number of child death.

3. We want you to have a product that is transparent with ingredients, and honestly good for you. Tallow (tallowate) is fat derived from the fatty tissue of sheep or cattle, and is often used as a base by most commercial soaps that have large scale production. It’s used to help hold the shape of a bar, and create lather... but we are able to achieve that without animal bi-product. It is a surfactant, meaning it operates as cleansing agent, Not nourishing or moisturizing.

But sodium tallowate does, in fact, adhere to the traditional chemical composition of a real soap, and can be used solo as such or incorporated into cleansers. Sounds pretty innocuous, right? Not necessarily. Here, chemist Yashi Shrestha, Co-founder of and Director of Science and Research at Novi, and Dr. Anthony Rossi, MD, a board-certified dermatologist in New York City, explain more about the ingredient—and why you may want to think twice before using it -
Simply put, it's degreasing the skin, says Rossi. While theoretically this is a good thing, both of the experts we spoke with were quick to caution that this is one instance where you can easily veer into that 'too much of a good thing' category. In the process of doing its de-greasing duties, "it can strip away necessary oils that help hydrate and protect the skin," adds Shrestha. It also bears mentioning that sodium tallowate soaps are more alkaline than others, which can end up affecting the pH of the skin, says Rossi. This, in turn, can trigger inflammation, a compromised skin barrier, and a whole host of other issues.

4. Your purchase helps one of our largest contributors to the global crisis... factory farming. From deforestation to inhumane practices, we are motivated to partner with programs which help in educating the public as well as help change unethical policies and practices.

 Your support in these changes means the world to us!

Lather Nature thanks you,
Mother Nature appreciates you!

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