About Our Soaps

Offering body soap bars that are soothing for sensitive skin, and are safe to use on face, hands and body.

Lather Nature's ingredients are handpicked for their properties. From oils and vegan butters rich in nutrients, to vegetable powders, and earth clays, these bars will leave you feeling refreshed, cleansed and nourished!

However, Lather Nature soaps ARE formulated to be more soothing and less drying for all skin types, including sensitive skin!

All of our bath | body | hair care products are more gentle, less irritating, highly nourishing, and more hydrating!

Lather Nature products are:

  • free of tallowate, lard, and milk, common allergies
  • phthalate free
  • sulfur free
  • sls and other chemical free
  • free from chemicals that can cause harm to skin & reproductive organs we do not extract the glycerin out, which is beneficial to skin hydration.
  • there are no harsh additives
  • oils are balanced for maximum hydration & nourishment.
  • our formula has very carefully balanced ratios of earth clays, vegetable and seed powders to help offer benefits without overly drying or exfoliating.
  • Skin Safe Fragrance and Essential Oil - Our fragrances include essential oils as well as fragrance oils that go under ridged testing and exceeds safety standards of IFRA.

How Long Does Handmade Bars Last?

Our recipes are fantastic about it's ability to last with using all natural ingredients. On top of that, we make sure to cure our soaps for 4-6 weeks before selling them. Why? The longer soap cures, the more chance that the liquid film surrounding each molecule has a chance to crystallize. The longer soap cures, it also increases that soap’s lather and cleansing ability. The longer it cures, the more gentle it is.. mildness gets better with age!

The average time a Lather Nature soap bar will last is 4 weeks.
Shampoo and Conditioners give 65 washes on average - equivalent to 2 large plastic bottles each! A great way to lower your carbon footprint!

What can you do to help your bar last longer?

Store It!

If you're not using it just yet, store your soap in a cool dry location such as a linen closet shelf or on an open shelf. Do not store your natural soap bars in a tightly sealed container where air cannot circulate.

Drain It!

Allow your handmade soap to dry in between each use by storing it in a slotted or draining soap dish. Lather Nature sells a beautiful, handcrafted soap tray! Do not let your handmade soap bar sit on the counter, or closed dish, it will melt the bar quickly.

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